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I had fun with this one, the second tape game me some glitches. I shut it down and all seemed to be okay after... so not sure if PC or game. I do like where this game is heading with the different types of gameplay and story behind each VHS. Can't wait to go through the whole game!

Very fun game, worth the price. Has the right amount of fear without being over the top.

NEVER BEEN STRESSED LIKE THIS! | Amberskull Full Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

Interesting so far, it had reminded me of Stories Untold (Though, not a Text-based game). 

Game doesn't work. Gives me an error on launch.

Very sorry to hear that you had this issue, this didn't happen to any testers. Ill try my best to fix the problem. If you could provide me with your computer specs that would help a lot. Also best way to contact regarding Amberskull is through