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Greetings is a very short experience made for the UE4 Game Jam.

Made by Charlie Behan & Ciaran Mooney

Using an environment asset pack.

Published Jul 03, 2017
Tags3D, Aliens, Atmospheric, Comedy, Dark, Dark Humor, First-Person, Horror, Mystery, Spooky
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Haha! I did not expect that ending at all! I looks good and plays good! Well done!

omg i didn't expect that lol, really cool game, definitely worth the play!

Hey what wtf... This was not what I expected but I have to say that graphically it was superb.

I was expecting something to jump out at me at somepoint and kill me but no, it didn't happen and the ending was just awesome. I chuckled

Thanks Devs



Haha I did not see that coming, I was a bit spooked!

A very interesting short Scifi game with very cool graphics and..an unexpected ending.. ehm! :P Great work Dev's! :D If anyone is interested, here's my gameplay:

I love this game! great graphics and still very scary :) 

Lost In Space with a twist! Short and sweet, and I loved it.

OH MAN DID THIS GAME GET US GOOD! Was expecting so much more and got rickrolled - classic! Honestly, this isn't much of a game really, but it is still a neat little experience (assuming one is going into this blind). Would be interested to see a fully fleshed out game/game world from this developer if this is what was done with 4 minutes of game/demo. Cheers mate!

They got me! They got me good!

Just finished playing it lol Have to admit, I got a huge kick out of the ending

Your Game looks awsome!

Would like to see more. funny ending :;D

Every once in a while, a horror game comes along that just defies your expectations. It's able to suck you into it's deep lore and dark environments and scare the shit out of you like never before.

This isn't that game, but it's still pretty good.

This was pretty interesting. Kinda creepy at the start.

This game was a wild ride. From the in-depth story to the compelling characters, every second is jam-packed with content and entertainment. Can we TALK about the ending? I've never cried that hard in my life. When ___ ___ ___, I literally broke down in tears. The environments are well done, and the space theme definitely adds a certain aspiring element to the game.

Thanks so much for creating this masterpiece. I will willingly wait for the next gem to eb bestowed upon us mortals.

THIS WAS GREAT you had me going there XD

Honestly this is a great looking game too bad it's dumb and short.

This video is an expression of how this game made me feel... I spent hours rocking in the corner after playing this game.

On a serious note this game is cool. Sometimes all you want is a simple funny game to play during a lunch break. Good work team. :)

So this game is really dumb a little short ,but I love it all the same.

I actually really enjoyed this A LOT! My video is really played up to make it interesting.

YouTube Channel Direct Link(subscribe) https://www.youtube.com/channe...

Watch Video Below:

WOAH! This game blew up since I downloaded!  Markiplier is the man, good for you dev.  Not much of anything to say about this game, but great work, would love to see the concept in a larger scale.  


Interesting Ending... lol

Greetings (Saludos)! This game was so original. You think that's going to be long, but at the end you notice that was a huge prank. Great job! Keep it up! 

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