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Same smile, different day. Stuck in an endless bright and colourful world… 

Inspiration from The Simpsons and Silent Hill.
*This was an abandoned project from a few years ago, decided to just add a terrible ending to it so I could share it. *

Concept by:  Brian O'Toole
Developed by: Charlie Behan

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Cute, Experimental, First-Person, Funny, Horror, Mystery, weird


happy-daze.zip 593 MB


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Nice game !

A PewDiePie Conspiracy!!! lol
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So, you pretty much put the Simpsons and Silent Hill inside of a blender to create this tasty treat huh?? lol. The Game is AWESOME!!! Good job DEVs!!

Part of me really wishes the ending was finished instead of just adding a funny one but it was still a fun and scary time.

Thanks for the fun <3 

Very nice concept of a game with a dark underbelly and a LMAO ending. Has it all... :)

Is this a demo or not?

Hey! Game full of surprises! i loved it! keep up the good work! 

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This was a really cool game. (Incase you are confused... the girl is wanting you to take the pill. Take the pill. But what happens if you walk in the dark without? you'll have to see for yourself)

somehow i expected that ending. up until then, it was pretty cool. atmosphere was good, and the bright, colorful levels were welcomed. thank you.


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Super happy to see this on Itchio, since I loved the design and the way the game actually gets downright terrifying.