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You play as Norman Chambers, a man who has lost his mind due to the death of his one true love. Game begins with you waking up alone in an old dark hotel room. You must explore the long creepy corridors in search for answers to why you are there and how you can get out. But unfortunately completing this task becomes more difficult as expected, as you face the many horrors in which this hotel holds.

This was my first game and it was made in May 2015.

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Hotel-Remorse.zip 176 MB


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Barely survived with the heart atk i got from that thing in the corridors

I liked the game. Scared me a few times okay ))) Well done!!!

Have to say this game really got me. It was fun to play though. Well produced game, I didnt experience any bugs I think but I did initlaly misunderstand a game mechanic so the game ends up looping twice before I understand how to progress. 

Enjoyed this game. One bug I noticed was that if you run towards the train part, the screen goes black but then nothing else.

I had fun playing this

this scareed me alot. 

    Oh my goodness that was so well made!


    not so scarry. but the game is great

    Hi there!

    Found this game on my neverending search for fun, spooky stuff on itch.io, and gotta say, I am actually fairly impressed. It's easy for these games where you look for notes to over-narrate themselves, but this simply gave me enough context clues to let me know where things were going and dread it... and of course, the implications of the ending are good too.

    A great, moody little thriller. Well done.

    (Your game is the first in the video)

    Had fun playing this. Great game :)


    This was a fun little horror game. Great atmosphere.

    Super fun game. I love how the story came to life at the end. Great job!

    Not bad but I can't believe that I got caught by that.

    made me choke lols

    Was fun!

    This was such a fun game to play, I really didn't like what you did at the end tho Charlie!


    I'm in love with this game. Please also check mine out here. https://taintedgames.itch.io/ash-asylum

    Enjoy your stay at the hotel! In Hotel Remorse, we won't leave anything to regret... nothing at all....

    Hey, I played your game in a video i made. Hope you enjoy it

    your game is the first one i played

    Cool game, good work you guys

    I don't know if I did it right... lol

    no you did it wrong.There's a key on the table

    well damn, I'll have to try again XD that's what i get for playing drunk


    Actually terrifying lol got me quite a few times

    This was a fun, spooky game!

    pretty spooky!

    This game scared me more then it probably should have! Well done! My only regret is that I hadn't played it sooner. Will be checking out more from this developer! 

    I liked the game, nice graphics, got some spooks

    Very cool horror game!  Got jumpscared quite a few times I also thought the atmosphere and what the game was about was interesting to! :)  

    GREAT, very good game so much potential to make an awesome full horror game, got me good !! lol

    is this a high fps game


    Made a video on your game and I honestly enjoyed it up until the end that ruined it for me, with the cheap and pointless jump scares. But other than that the rest of the game was good. 

    This was really cool for something that was made in 2015. I loved figuring out the story and the two endings were great!
    Made sure to record my reactions and such to it. xD

    This Game Gave Me Heart Attack Every-time I played It , this developer is a Genius :

    My ears were bleeding for most of the game thx bro.

    Really an awesome game i normally don't feel fear when playing some horror games, ALTHOUGH some of the jumps scares were a little cheap.

    Awesome short horror game! Well done!

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