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Me gusto este juego ,aunque fue muy corto :(

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Made a video on your game and I honestly enjoyed it up until the end that ruined it for me, with the cheap and pointless jump scares. But other than that the rest of the game was good. 

This was really cool for something that was made in 2015. I loved figuring out the story and the two endings were great!
Made sure to record my reactions and such to it. xD

This Game Gave Me Heart Attack Every-time I played It , this developer is a Genius :

My ears were bleeding for most of the game thx bro.

Really an awesome game i normally don't feel fear when playing some horror games, ALTHOUGH some of the jumps scares were a little cheap.

Awesome short horror game! Well done!

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Featured this game, well done, that ending though...

Gave it a go...

This game was ultimately terrifying!.... and i loved it! good job on creating this game!!

Don't forget to play his newer game Amberskull! The link  is in my video description!

Great game with awesome graphics if you would like to see me play it the link is below

This game got me good. Really great job!

Very reliant on jumpscares, but they are effectively employed. Fun, if short, little experience.

It was pretty good for a first game.

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Great game, enjoyed making a video on it, a little short, but great all round.

I am about 2 years too late to be playing this game!! This horror game stands the test of time really rattled me and creeped me out right from the explosive opening.

This was genuinely horrifying and I loved every sweaty, tense and chilling moment of it!!

LOL...the dude who played the game before me used the same thumbnail !!! too late to change mine now.

Yeah I really freaked up downloading this game XD, Scared me so good, nice game! I didn't know this has already been out for 2 years tho!


A nice little game. :)